High sights, glistening City: London’s Sky Garden

Friday night is around the corner and the clock is ticking on you finding a place to take that special someone. London has no shortage of date destinations, but if you want something special it might be prudent of you to make your way to Sky Garden. Found deep in the heart of London’s financial district on Fenchurch Street, London’s Sky Garden is a venue that brings new meaning to the phrase “wine and dine”. Having been opened in 2015, the Sky Garden has been delighting its guests with its leafy indoor greenery and its high-end splendour for years. As you approach the Walkie talkie building, the numerous couples exiting their Ubers, private hire cabs and limousines confirm its status as a dating hotspot.

Upon entering the venue you’ll be greeted by a luxuriant urban jungle laid out meticulously among marble staircases. As you wait to be seated it’s hard not to gaze upon the glistening skyline of London, made into a spectacle of epic proportions with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. With every footstep to your table, you feel as though you’ve died and gone to heaven if heaven was a modern-day Great Gatsby venue. Once you have been seated the sky pod bar and its copious quantities of wines and spirits are gleaming and glistening almost as much as the stars above. With its neon lights, it draws you in, almost magnetically and before you know it you’ve joined the queue. While the queue to the bar is no different in length compared to any other bar in London, its participants are dressed to impress. Glamour and glitz does not do the Sky Garden’s esteemed guests justice, the ladies are in their designer dresses and the gentlemen are in their made in Chelsea gear.

By the time you’re done marvelling at your peers, the suitably groomed barman in the waistcoat will ask of your poison. The drinks menu for the sky pod bar has a range of original cocktails that will have the ladies raving till 4 am. This includes the aptly named Cloud 9 cocktail and a range of garden-themed cocktails. For wine, you will also find all the usual suspects, eagerly awaiting to be poured into your twinkling glass. There is Pino noir, chardonnay and champagne which the groomed barman will pour with such elegancy that you’ll end up trying to copy it to impress your date.

Once you’ve clung your glasses together over your candle-lit table for two, you’ll have a chance to take in the frondescence-filled atrium in all its Instagrammable glory. You will be but one of many guests posing next to sprawling greenery or the skyline of London with a glass in hand. As you scale the marble stairs, you’ll find a section with a DJ booth. Which, if you’re lucky enough will be playing pounding music, shaking the garden to its very core. Guests will be dancing in the moonlight with a glass in hand, hopefully soon to be unhindered by the COVID restrictions that keep them sitting down at their table. Yet, the wide-open spaces and reduced guest numbers will mean that social distancing can easily be maintained for those that wish to do so. It’s also worth mentioning that the Sky Garden is free to enter during the day. But take it from me, there’s a reason why it’s not free of charge at night. The energetic yet tranquil atmosphere makes it the perfect venue for a night to remember or not remember depending on your bravery on said night. The venue is often suggested as the ideal place to spend new years eve, a front-row seat to London’s dazzling firework display but it’s also the perfect way to impress your date. Whatever the case, you’re guaranteed both a unique and memorable experience.



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